17-year-old can become the most sought-after new-generation supermodel, what exactly is this girl?

Who is the model who is sitting on the topic C? Not Kendall Jenner, who is a “net celebrity,” or Hayley Baldwin, who has just been proposed by Justin Bieber. This hot model is Kaia Gerber. Yes, she is the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford. Kaia was born in 2001. Although she is only 17 years old this year, her unique talent and personality have made her a hot start in the fashion industry early on.

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Not only Kaiya, in fact, but the value and temperament of their family are also “very capable.” Inheriting the excellent genes of the top supermodel mothers, Kaiya has a pair of super long legs and high value and has a halo since childhood.

Kaia, who grew up under the flash, has a unique personality and a stylish temperament. After officially entering the fashion world, omega replica brought everyone a surprise that “there is a girl in my family”. She has a strong sense of presence on the runway, and her business ability is bullish; in private, she is unequivocal in fashion.

As a new-generation model, Kaiya’s private dressing has one thing in common with other supermodels. That is, dressing out of the street must be simplified, and simple is the advanced reason. Kaia used a striped blazer with a sneaker look, and the impact of maturity and girlhood was very interesting. The replica omega watches embellishment on the wrist is the highlight, which not only enhances the texture of the suit but also makes the shape more refined.

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