Month: September 2020

  • Why can a 17-year-old enter the international runway and appear on the cover of a magazine?

    Most of the 17-year-olds may be studying hard in school classrooms, at omega replica watches, who are still a little ignorant of the future. But a 17-year-old girl has embarked on the show of major brands and appeared on the cover of the magazine. She has a supermodel mom, a rich dad, and a handsome brother. Not only were you born to win at the starting line, but you also have an open life on your own? Seeing this, many people may have guessed her name; she is Kaia Gerber.

    Kaia Gerber

    Kai Ya was born in the United States, and in the present words, she is a veritable “after zero.” But her growth can be described by the legend: she became the spokesperson for Versace Versace children’s clothing line at the age of 11; she officially became IMG when she was 15
    Models under Models, then, stepping on the international runway and appearing on the cover of the magazine is a routine for her …

    Kaya appears on July cover of fashion magazine Vogue.

    Kaiya in YSL NEWYORK show

    Kaiya in omega replica show

    Kaiya in replica omega watches show

    For many people, it may be a nightmare, but Kai Ya did. Her mother, the international supermodel, Cindy Crawford, was once ranked fifth among 100 sexy actresses of the 20th century. And excellent genes also make Kaiya has an impeccable perfect body.

    Kaia and mom Cindy Crawford

    Kai Ya and his parents’ street shot

    As a result of inheriting her mother’s excellent genes, Kaiya has very good replica omegas conditions at a young age. In addition, under the influence of the environment, Kaiya has gradually found a style that suits her-minimalist, versatile, and can use the basic items to highlight its own advantages.