Fake Rolex

It can be said that Rolex is a strong presence in the watch industry. Whether you like watches or not, you must admit that Rolex is an important symbol of the material world. It symbolizes universal identity and secular wealth, but it is also attributed to the personal financial situation. Different capacities and other reasons led to the emergence of Rolex watches.

Comparison of real and fake prices

Rolex is a world-renowned brand, so Rolex has always maintained a leading position in global sales. High sales figures have led to the appearance of many counterfeit work watches on the market. This also caused distress to some watch lovers. At the same time, an upsurge of combating counterfeiting has been set off. The prices are also different for real and high imitation products. For example, the price of Rolex Blackwater Ghost is around 100,000 yuan, while the price of Rolex Blackwater Ghost is below 10,000 yuan. The price difference is always very obvious. If you don't care whether the watch is genuine, it is more appropriate to buy a highly imitation watch. There are stalls outside. You can buy fake rolex watches for a few dollars. It is hard to believe that the price is real. No exchange is required. This is equivalent to the discrete version, or even the advanced version, let alone the advanced version. When we see this, we can ignore it.

How to identify real and fake Rolex

Starting with a little crown detail, since 2002, Rolex has embedded small marks on the surface of sapphire's 6 o'clock. This mark is very small and you need a magnifying glass or eyepiece to see it. There is a sign s. The table glass has been replaced. Looking through a viewfinder or digital camera, the real hole consists of 152 anchor points, the matchhead has 7 points, and the open circle has 14 points.These numbers are typically inaccessible by a fake Roalx for technical reasons.

Additionally, the overall workmanship of counterfeit Rolex watches is rather rough. Especially, gold is more noticeable. There will be a gold plated edge which is not good. Genuine gold watch band, in case of bending, a thicker cut can be seen. The thickness is not uniform, but counterfeit Rolexs are not the same thickness.The real Rolex watch bands between the original, the middle and the steel outer parts are parallel and still feel smoother, but fake Rolex gold is lower than the matt steel. Touch the outside slightly and you will feel the excess. The genuine strap has been removed, the side of the case is the new watch factory set number, the middle bottom of the ear is a fake Rolex watch number, not real. And some parts are not neat and clear enough.

Reasons for buying a fake Rolex

The deepest reason for most people to buy a fake Rolex is none other than them being unable to do what they want due to its economic strength. Just like women buying fake LVs, they can indulge their absurdity in front of others, Rolex is the ultimate belief in men's watches. It can reflect the tastes and status of some individuals wearing fake Rolex, but they look simple and tasteful. But some people wear real things But they, like scavengers, just bring a high copy of the gift. So another expensive table needs that person's foil to show its value, except for some really financially capable people, they are always looking for something that is highly priced, whether it is suitable or It's not for others, and our economy is not at a human level, we can meet our absurdity well. There's no need to punch in the face, or it won't be difficult to get more than you deserve. Counterfeit Rolexs are typically made for the economically disadvantaged. It's not a competition with the real thing, so I don't think we all have to be against those high fakes.

According to a person familiar with the case, for some reason it is difficult to buy a counterfeit Rolex, which is a high-end imitation watch at the moment because of its high resistance and this results in highly counterfeit Rolex and imitation watches. These can Sold through certain channels only Therefore, it can not meet some consumers who want. Personally, I would think that if I allow a highly imitated Rolex watch shop, the principles of mutual benefit and winning results can come true. Not only satisfying consumers But at the same time, the seller is also getting a certain level of satisfaction.