A giant Omega Replica Clock is officially unveiled at the famous WangFuJing Department Store in Beijing

The impressive clock is at once recognized as an Omega Replica Constellation.

Asia’s largest OMEGA Clock made its official debut in Beijing Wangfujing Department Store, a landmark of Beijing. As Asia’s current largest OMEGA Clock, it has generated enormous public interest since its unveiling.

Located in Beijing on the city’s famed Wangfujing Street, the Omega Replica Seamaster Clock will tick away every second and record all the meaningful moments in this metropolitan centre. The brand’s presence will be distributed to every corner of this “Golden Street” with the gentle, pleasant bell in the clock tower.

The clock has imposing dimensions: it is 7.9 meters in diameter and has a three-meter-long minute hand and a 2.15-meter hour hand. It has four dials and each side of the clock weighs more than four tons. It can be seen clearly from 100 meters away. The clock has adopted the recognizable style of the famed OMEGA Constellation with its iconic claws on a golden bezel.

OMEGA Wangfujing Department Store Boutique

The boutique expresses OMEGA’s global design concept and tradition in terms of decoration: concise and elegant layout, comfortable and soft lighting – a perfect representation of a remarkable brand. The boutique carries a comprehensive selection of Omega Replica Speedmaster products, including the four world-renowned watch families: Constellation, Seamaster, De Ville, and Speedmaster, as well as pieces from the Fine Jewellery and Fine Leather collections.