Black And White Classic Omega De Ville 433. Replica Watches At Low Price

Omega De Ville copy watches with white dials are driven by Cal. 8902, self-winding mechanical movements with co-axial escapements. The movements have passed the test approved by METAS and can resist the strong magnetic fields. Their balances are equipped with silicon hairsprings and the surfaces have luxury decorations. The power reserve is 55 hours.


There are polished Roman numbers as hour markers and three hands in the center. The hour markers and hands are all made of 18k white gold. Besides, there is a small date indicator at 3 o’clock. This indicator can show the month at the same time. Their white dials adopt the classic design of concentric circles, which makes the whole watch look elegant and delicate. Even though the watches look very simple, they have complicated mechanisms inside.

Omega-De-Ville-White-Dials-FakeOmega 433. fake watches with automatic co-axial movements have innovative movements and decent designs. The white dials and black leather straps make a harmonious combination. All the details are exquisite, contributing to a perfect timepiece.