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  • New Replica Omega Watches Swiss for Cheap Sale,Best Omega Fake Watches Online

    The Omega replica watches online is enriched this year with several new models. Focus on the version in steel featuring a blue dial.

    A few months ago we introduced the Omega in gleaming rose gold presented by Carl F. Bucherer at Baselworld. Today we focus on the version in steel featuring a blue dial.

    The distinctive Patravi ScubaTec diving Replica Omega Seamaster watches is attractive, robust and easy to read, both above and below the surface of the seas.

    Precision and functionality are perfectly combined in the casual look of this timepiece: the CFB 1950.1 automatic movement has been integrated into a stainless steel case with a size of 44.6 mm and the accuracy of the movement is attested by a C.O.S.C. chronometer certificate. To ensure safe measurement of dive duration, the bezel of the Patravi ScubaTec can only be rotated counterclockwise, so that the diver’s safety remains guaranteed in the event of accidental manipulation. The generously designed dial of the three-hand Replica Omega Speedmaster watch assures rapid and accurate readability. Even in murky waters the diver can still read the time thanks to a special luminous coating (Super-LumiNova), which glows light blue in the dark. The black dial is well protected by a sapphire crystal almost 4 mm thick. In addition, a helium valve ensures that the gas escapes automatically without damaging the case when the diver is ascending and descending in the diving bell.

    The new Omega replica watch is fitted with a black & blue rubber strap, or a stainless steel strap, equipped with a stainless steel diving lock..

  • Replica Omega Speedmaster Buyer’s Guide

    Let’s start with the modern Omega Replica Speedmaster Professional though. A lot of questions we receive are about serial numbers, what details to pay attention to and how credible certain sellers are. With regards to the serial numbers, there are a couple of lists floating around on the internet, but we always use Roman Hartmann’s list of serial numbers. This includes the serial numbers of the very early Speedmaster watches, but also covers more recent models.

    Although everyone has access to these overviews, strangely enough some sellers still get it wrong and mix the Speedmaster serial numbers with other Omega watches’ serial numbers (there is a difference!) and get you wrong production years.

    Omega does not provide details on watches after 2000, so it becomes a bit difficult to find specific information or extract of the archives on those. However, in our opinion, a watch produced after 2000 should always come with box and papers. Check the serial number (Omega calls it movement number) in one of the lugs on the backside of the watch to the number on the warranty card. It should match at all times.

    Another thing to pay attention to when it comes to modern Speedmasters is of course visible damage (if the watch has had some hard knocks, resulting in deep scratches or dings, imagine what type of blows the movement had to deal with). If so, always make sure to ask about its servicing / repair history. If possible, have the fake Omega watches for men tested for its accuracy (it will also show you in how much degrees the balance wheel rotates). If there is no service history or no way to check the performance of the Speedmaster, make sure that you will include the cost of a service in the final price you want to pay.

    In case of a limited edition or special edition Speedmaster, get yourself familiar with the original packaging, booklets, certificates and possible accessories. Some limited editions came with a specific box or had a special book that was delivered together with the watch. However, besides a full set it is important to be convinced that it is the real deal and not a put-together watch. The supply of spare limited edition dial (such as the 2004 Japan Racing model or the 2003 Snoopy Award model) and case backs is staggering, so make sure to checkout the corresponding numbers on the certificates.

    However, what surprised us most with the relatively modern Speedmasters is the fact that they some times come with wrong bracelets. Surely, they are delivered on original Omega bracelets but ones that either too new or too old. Early 1990s models with post-2000 bracelets are often on offer or modern Speedmasters with the famous reference 1171 bracelet. It doesn’t make sense and it is easy to identify by you as a buyer.

    In case you remain to have doubts about a watch, it is better to look for another deal.

    Perhaps the most important rule is very generic, but also very true: always buy the seller. Has he proven to be reliable in the past, does he has a lot of positive feedback?

    Second, make sure you get yourself educated. With our backlog of 3 years of Speedy Tuesday articles we surely have some comparison and learning material on Fratello Watches, but also have a look at the classic articles written by the late Chuck Maddox (it is exactly today that he passed away 7 years ago but it still seems like yesterday). We also informed you about the Moonwatch Only book a while ago, which is up till date the best reference on the subject in print. It will give you a lot of detailed information on most reference numbers, from the very first CK2915-1 till modern / current Speedmaster watches.

    Once you’ve found a nice vintage Speedmaster, always ask for the serial/movement-number (not to be confused with the caliber number). Omega has an extract of the archives service that is able to indicate whether the movement was indeed delivered in a certain case reference, in what year and to which country. We’ve often come across movements that were initially delivered in different Omega replica watches than the watch being offered. Especially the first Speedmaster movement, caliber 321, can have a dodgy history.

    One common misunderstanding we often see has to do with the reference/case number. Omega used references like 105.003, 145.012 and 145.022. However, they also put a two-digit year indicated after this reference number, like 145.022-76. Now, a lot of people (still) think it indicates the exact production year. This is not the case! You won’t find a 145.022-75 or 145.022-77 for example. So it merely says something about the production year of the case back part. The serial/movement number is KEY to indicate and determine the exact production date. On older models, this number is only engraved in one of the bridges of the movement, not on the case back or in one of the lugs. So you will have to remove the case back or ask the seller to do this for you. Any dates mentioned on papers or warranty booklets do not indicate the actual production year, merely the date of the sale.

    To make it a bit more complicated, some times the extract of the archives will show you a production date and delivery date that leaves quite some room in between. How come? The serial number has been engraved in one of the bridges of the movement at the time of assembly of that movement, not when the Replica Omega Classic watches was completely assembled and made ready for shipment. This way, it could happen that a movement wasn’t used immediately but was stocked for a certain period. In general, we still use the serial number as production year indicator despite the gap it may show in the extract of the archives.

    When you are certain about the production year and have the correct reference number, it is time to identify and authenticate the Omega Speedmaster (Professional). Are all parts time-correct? Are they all genuine? What type of bracelet should be on there?

  • Which Replica Omega Watch Will You Choose?

    Among Omega, famous moon Speedmaster, professional diving Seamaster, all-matched De Ville series all have a lot of senior fans. They all say their love is the best. From my point of view, maybe Speedmaster copy watches with self-winding movements can get my heart.

    I guess most of fans have seen this watch which is the new version of 1957 classical watches. For the 60 anniversary years, the classical replica watches are only 3557 limited. The external essence is greatly inherited by the new types. All design features are echoing perfectly the original types. So the watches are full of retro styles.

    • Omega Speedmaster 324. Replica Watches With Grey Dials

    The 38mm Speedmaster series watches adapt the exquisite design in simple appearance, size and color collation which retain the external essence and iconic appearance of Omega famous chronograph timepieces.

    NOTE: No reproduction or republication without written permission

  • Beauty Only Fancy Of Beautiful Omega Ladymatic 425. Replica Watches

    Nicole Kidman, the beauty which never getting old. She is one of my favorite actress who share a high reputation among Hollywood world. Since the very early days, she already became a world famous star for her good performance in film making process. So she is also the beauty in many men’s dreams. While this lady also have a very special taste in the wearing. Delicate chocolate dial Omega Ladymatic 425. copy watches are acting important roles in her life.

    Every lady will only comment the Omega Ladymatic as a mesmerizing blend of extraordinary design and truly innovative watchmaking. It was crafted for the woman who cares as much about the technology in her timepiece as she does its appearance.
    The shining diamonds, red gold as well as sword-shaped hands are well-arranged. So you can see that this model really show us the luxury features and good taste. The small calendar Omega 425. fake watches are applying a Domed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both sides.
    Last but not least, we all can share with such brilliant replica watches if we want to be the charming person.

  • Black And White Classic Omega De Ville 433. Replica Watches At Low Price

    Omega De Ville copy watches with white dials are driven by Cal. 8902, self-winding mechanical movements with co-axial escapements. The movements have passed the test approved by METAS and can resist the strong magnetic fields. Their balances are equipped with silicon hairsprings and the surfaces have luxury decorations. The power reserve is 55 hours.


    There are polished Roman numbers as hour markers and three hands in the center. The hour markers and hands are all made of 18k white gold. Besides, there is a small date indicator at 3 o’clock. This indicator can show the month at the same time. Their white dials adopt the classic design of concentric circles, which makes the whole watch look elegant and delicate. Even though the watches look very simple, they have complicated mechanisms inside.

    Omega-De-Ville-White-Dials-FakeOmega 433. fake watches with automatic co-axial movements have innovative movements and decent designs. The white dials and black leather straps make a harmonious combination. All the details are exquisite, contributing to a perfect timepiece.

  • 88 Pieces Omega De Ville 432. Fake Watches With Brown Leather Straps

    Omega De Ville copy watches with white dials have excellent movements that are Cal. 8511, hand-wound mechanical movements with co-axial escapements. The movements can resist strong magnetic fields to 15,000 gauss. So the watches can be exposed to the working environments with magnetic fields. Their free-sprung balances are carried with silicon hairsprings. The movements with red gold rotors can provide 60-hour power to the watches.

    Omega-De-Ville-White-Dials-Diamonds-ReplicaThe 40mm De Ville watches are suitable both men and women. They have Sedna gold cases with smooth bezels. Their broad white dials have slender indexes consisting of shiny diamonds and gold settings. Their hour markers are so delicate that noble people would choose them to show their status.

    There are three gold hands in the center and a small date indicator at 6 o’clock. So the dials look very neat and exquisite. Diamonds stand for the luxury and elegance, but the whole image of Omega 432. replica watches with hand-wound Swiss movements looks is full of decent and aesthetic feelings.

    Omega-De-Ville-White-Dials-Diamonds-FakeTheir thin cases and brown leather straps make a good match, adding charm. All the materials and designs give people a harmonious impression. The watches have a large range of target customers like businessmen and fashion ladies.

  • Excellent Men’s Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Co-Axial Master Replica Watches Hot Sale

    With innovative design, new Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Co-Axial Master copy watches adopt bright orange elements to show the mysterious style. Due to the new standard certification system, the watches are equipped with famous 8900 co-axial movements.

    Excellent Men's Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Co-Axial Master Replica WatchesDistinctively, the minute scales on the bezels are very special, the sales between 0 and 15 minutes are made of grey silicon nitride rubber and ceramic materials, and the scales after 15 minutes are created with Liquidmetal. Besides, the special Omega replica watches adopt black ceramic dials with stripe hour markers and Arabic hour scale for 6, 9 and 12 o’clock in orange, and the position of 3 o’clock is set with a black sunken date window.

    Moreover, the case backs are engraved with a wave patterns, and thanks to the standard helium escape valves, water pressure can be well overcome, and the watches are waterproof to 600 meters. Like Omega Globemaster watches, the fake watches for men are installed with Cal. 8900 movements, which can stay stable in the magnetic field up to 15000 gauss, and provide 60 hours’ power reserve.

    Excellent Men's Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Co-Axial Master Fake WatchesMatched with orange and black colors, fashionable Omega replica watches are full of vitality and athletic flavor. To make them attractive, the watches adopt black rubber straps with orange linings, and they are very economic.

  • Replica Omega Hour Vision Watches Sale

    Omega showcases its engineering prowess with its four sapphire lateral openings on the side of its latest creation, the Hour Vision. Harry Tan gives us his take on this future classic.

    Omega-Hour-Vision-Landing-CustomThe release of the highly anticipated Replica Omega Hour Vision was a pleasure. Pictured here is the dual tone dial pink gold version. Its innovative new element – the sapphire glass walled case – can be seen clearly when the watch is held up close to the eye.

    Apart from this new design detail, the watch is a well made classic three-hand watch. Its open exhibition back shows off a movement that is better finished than the regular lines from Omega. This is evidence that Omega is making a serious effort to break into the higher end of the luxury Omega replica watches market.

    Omega-Hour-Vision-1-CustomFortunately, the well finished movement more than made up for the fact that the glass walled case doesn’t give a clear view of the details. Nevertheless, this new glass walled case is an innovative design detail. The dual tone dial on the pink gold is distinctive and its quality is clearly discernible. The SS model can almost be mistaken as a remake of an old model but for the glass walled case. On the wrist, both fake Omega watches felt like old friends to me.

    One can understand why Omega replica has plans to make this watch the premium model of their collection.