Comparing Replica Omega’s Bond watches, including the new Swiss Replica Omega Spectre Seamaster 300m

Omega replica watches has released another limited edition Bond Watch, to be released alongside Spectre in November. 

With a new Bond film must come a new Bond watch. For the first time, however, we have a new Bond film and two new replica Omega James Bond watches from Omega. In addition to the Seamaster Aqua Terra that was announced earlier in the year, Omega has now released a James Bond limited edition version of the Seamaster 300m Co-Axial, which will be released at the same time as the film.

Here’s everything you need to know about both watches, plus a definitive guide to some replica Omega Bond watches from the past decade.

Spectre, 2015: Omega Replica Seamaster 300 Limited Edition

The first thing to note is that there are no “007” additions to the watch’s dial at all. This is not a Bond watch in the vein of all other Bond watches; this is a watch that James Bond will be wearing, rather than a commemorative piece – as emphasised by the recently released pictures of Daniel Craig touring the Omega factory wearing this watch. The only dial changes to the watch are that the 12 o’clock hour index has been replaced with a larger “Omega Seamaster” logo, and the second hand has been given a “lollipop” circle at its tip rather than the standard arrow. And the bezel is now a bi-directional rotating bezel with numerals from 0-11, giving the Replica Omega Seamaster watches a second timezone function of sorts. They are the kind of discreet changes that you’d have to be an actual spy to notice.

The last major difference – and something that will get the keenest James Bond horophiles going – is the use of a black and grey NATO strap.  Interestingly it differs from the original textile strap worn by Sean Connery in Goldfinger (with his Rolex Submariner) – that pattern was navy blue, red and olive green, rather than black and grey, although at a distance the two look very similar. You can read more about that particular rabbit hole of James Bond mythology here. At this point it is unconfirmed whether Omega will be selling the watch with this strap as standard, and we have no confirmed UK price.

Bond Factor: How obviously “Bond” is it? Not very at all. But on the other hand, it is almost certainly going to be the actual fake Omega watches worn by Bond for the majority of the movie, so you don’t get more Bond than that. The NATO buckle bears the 007 pistol logo and the caseback will be numbered from 1 to 7,007 – the total number being produced.

Spectre, 2015: the Replica omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m

This, as we will see, is a bit of a new look for Omega’s Bond watches. It’s based on the standard Seamaster Aqua Terra, and shares the base model’s yellow accents. Here, though, they’re paired with a blue dial that on closer inspection is embossed with a hexagonal, bio-influenced pattern. Water resistance is down on previous Bond watches, at 150m, but obviously its strength is its antimagnetism: will Spectre see Bond battling a ticking-clock at the Large Hadron Collider? Who knows…

Bond factor: Not high either, although more so than the 300m. The 007 flourishes are pretty discreet compared with some of the OTT design tropes below.  Look closely and you’ll notice the second hand bears the Bond family coat of arms; apparently a design influence for the whole Omega replica watches sale. And Omega couldn’t resist trumpeting its market-leading antimagnetism – the 15,000+ Gauss resistance of the standard Master Co-Axial caliber has been upped to – you guessed it – 15,007.

Skyfall, 2012: Replica omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M

Sam Mendes’ Skyfall saw Bond issued with a 42mm Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m. It’s not a great departure from the base model; the red and black colour scheme of previous Bond watches returned once more. It’s got the co-axial 8507 calibre, and the winding rotor is engraved “Skyfall”.

Bond factor: After the new Omega replica watches, this is probably the least obviously James Bond of the lot – the only dial-side signifier that you’re wearing one of the 5,007 limited edition pieces is the 007 logo in place of the 7 o’clock hour marker.

Bond at 50, 2012:OMEGA REPLICA Seamaster 300M

Released alongside the Skyfall Bond watch, this piece marked James Bond’s half-century on the silver screen – it being fifty years since Dr. No was released in 1962. Unlike the Skyfall watch, this is a Omega Replica Seamaster 300m rather than a Planet Ocean, available in 41mm and 36.25mm versions. It’s still a co-axial caliber (cal. 2507, with a 48-hour power reserve) but instead of a sapphire caseback you get a Bond title sequence-inspired spiral with engraved ‘bullet’ base at the centre.

Bond factor: This is pretty hardcore Bond-geek territory. As well as the caseback, you’ve got the 007 logo across the dial and for good measure, the “50” on the unidirectional rotating bezel is picked out in red for the anniversary.