Top Omega Speedmaster X-33 Limited Replica Watches With Black Dials For You

Solar power 2 is the only solar powered aircraft to fly around the clock without having to use a drop of fuel. Its goal is to complete the global flight in 2015. Bertrand. Piccard, Andre and Berg Bosch and their team hope to show how the human spirit of pioneering and innovative and clean energy technology will change the world. “Solar Impulse Sun Power” world tour started on the occasion, Omega for the Legendary Speedmaster Series added a new member –AAA Omega Speedmaster Skywalker” X-33 replica watches.

Omega Speedmaster professional watches since its launch in 1957 have a variety of shapes, sizes, whirling and limited edition. And one side watch is X-33. The first version of X-33 was launched in 1998. This is a multi-functional quartz watch and the copy watches with titanium cases can be a completely modern successor of the super professional mechanical watches, and can meet the requirements of NASA and the European Space agency.

The production of Speedmaster X-33 adapts the mixed layout of pointer and digital display. The Omega fake watches with self-winding movements are known as Skywalker Speedmaster. The latest limited edition of Skywalker X-33 is launched to celebrate the sun power program.