VIDEO: Omega Replica Watches: “The Collection” Depicts Brand’s Diversity

Omega replica watches are made for all sorts of purposes. Some are purely for style.  Some are created for divers, others for climbers or even pilots.  Many of us acquire these sorts of timepieces even though we don’t necessarily worry about our oxygen pressure gauge or our tachymeter. The makers at OMEGA realize this and embrace it with their new campaign #OMEGAmychoice which asks its customers to share (on social media) how their OMEGA fits into their lifestyle, big or small.

Omega replica watches

To help launch this campaign the brand has released its short film titled, “The Collection.” It was released this past weekend on social media to help depict the diversity of the Replica OMEGA  Speedmaster collections in real-life situations. After all, this is the brand that has been on the moon, beneath oceans, careening through auto races and timing the Olympics.  Check out the video below!