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  • Auction record of omega replica watches Speedmaster watch renewed

    At the seventh Geneva watch auction of Filiz, an omega replicaCK2915-1replica omega watches was hammered for 408,500 Swiss francs (equivalent to about 2.6 million yuan), which broke the auction record of Super master watches. Earlier, an replica omegas Speedmaster CK2915-1 watch was sold for $ 275,508 (equivalent to about 1.8 million yuan) in the Swedish capital Stockholm.

    CK2915-1 is replica omega’s most famous and collectible sports fake omega watches. The wristwatch produced in this auction was produced in 1958. It has all the iconic design features such as fluorescent wide arrow hands, stainless steel speed bezel, and slim straight lugs. Manually wound movement with 17 stones.

    According to the fake omega watch file, this watch was sold in Costa Rica. The watch is very delicate, rare, and of great historical significance. This auctioned watch was accompanied by an instruction manual and a display box. Considering that the pre-sale estimate was “only” 80,000 to 140,000 Swiss francs, it was eventually sold for a record-breaking 408,500 Swiss francs.

  • Explore the Practicality of 9 New Materials omega replica watches

    omega replica introduced the first revolutionary Whimsical Tourbillon made of silicon as the escapement wheel. The new Whimsical Dark Lord Tourbillon is based on silicon. It uses silicon more widely and brings its tourbillon to a new height. replica omega watches uses silicon as the hairspring material (Si 1.1.1. patent pending), and most of the escapement is made of silicon. In the use of the finest and newly developed materials such as silicon and LIGA (deep electroforming technology) nickel in the core.

    The oyster-type Perpetual Cosmometer Datong replica omegas was born, and later became inextricably linked to the speed of racing. This year’s new model is equipped with the CERACHROM black word circle, which was exclusively developed by Rolex and made of top ceramic. This latest word ring follows the replica omega style design; the word ring is more resistant to scratches, erosion, and permanent shine. The scale on the outer ring is carefully plated with pink gold through the PVD process, making the numbers easy to read. The equipped 4130 movements are equipped with a blue PARA CHROME Breguet balance spring, which was fully developed by Rolex, uses the latest alloy, has high-efficiency magnetic resistance, and has ten times the cushioning capacity.

  • What an amazing age was six years old

    I believe that 99% of my friends who read this WeChat are not born, and that year I was six years old, and I was still an obscure little fart. But in that year, how many major events happened violently, and still affect us today even 50 years later. Just on July 21, a half-century forward, there was big news that was truly “global attention”-humanity landed on the moon. “(This is my first step, but a huge step for humans!) Astronaut Buzz Aldrin stepped out of the moon capsule was engraved on the stainless steel plate of the commemorative watch. At the time, Armstrong did not wear a watch because at the time The timer in the capsule failed, and he put his watch in the capsule, but it was worn by Buzz Aldrin, the second astronaut who stepped on the moon’s surface A omega replica watches Speedmaster chronograph, the Speedmaster became the world’s first and only watch to reach the surface of the moon, and has since been named the “Moonwatch”. Today, Speedmaster watches are still the designated equipment of astronauts and space agencies in many countries, and they are also permanent equipment of the International Space Station. The commemorative watch’s stainless steel crystal glass laser etched the first footprint of the astronaut Neil Armstrong on the moon. In fact, the Omega Speedmaster accompanied NASA long before Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Astronauts have explored space many times together, and have since participated in all six moon landing missions. Therefore, in this year worth celebrating, omega replica naturally wants to celebrate with great fanfare and celebrate this great event and moment. The box of the 50th anniversary limited edition watch of the Speedmaster “Apollo 11” was sculpted into a lunar surface. From May this year, replica omega watches has unveiled a series of celebrations and launched a number of commemorative watches. On July 19, two days before the half-century of the moon landing, the Golden Moment celebration came to Shanghai. A model of the “Eagle” moon landing module covering an area of ​​nearly 100 square meters and weighing 1.2 tons was very impressive. The “Eagle” played a vital role in the Apollo program of the US moon landing mission. Like the Omega Speedmaster, it has landed on the moon six times. At the end of the party, when the European Space Agency (ESA) and the former NASA space shuttle mission astronaut Jean-François Clervoy appeared, they even pushed the atmosphere towards climax. <strong style = “text-align: center;”> Last of the Omega “Golden Moment” event, let us take a look at the 50th anniversary limited edition watches of the two Speedmaster series “Apollo 11” launched this year by Because “On Time” has been introduced in detail before, it will not be repeated here. Speedmaster “Apollo 11” 50th Anniversary Limited Edition replica omegas, priced at 258,600 RMB Speedmaster “Apollo 11” 50th Anniversary Limited Edition watch stainless steel, priced at 71,900 RMB It also held golden astronaut giant sculpture exhibitions at famous landmarks across the country to pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of the first human landing on the moon. The astronauts are up to 8 meters in height and are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. The surface is plated with titanium effect. In addition, on the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, Omega released another heavy news, launching the Speedmaster Moonwatch equipped with the classic 321 movements.

  • Omega replica watches Limited Dive Watch Special Launch

    Everyone knows that omega replica and 007, the most famous agent in history, have been inextricably linked for many years. Now, “007 Great Sky Murder” has officially confirmed to be released in January. This is the British secret agent James Bond On the screen 23 times; it is also the third time that the celebrity ambassador Daniel Craig played the role. To celebrate the film’s release, replica omega watches also specially launched a limited edition 600-meter diving watch for the seahorse series Ocean Universe “SKYFALL.”
    Since 1995’s “GoldenEye”, the replica omegas seahorse watch has been one of James Bond’s enviable equipment. In “Breaking Murder 007”, James Bond will wear an replica omega seahorse series Ocean Universe 600m diving watch. This watch uses a 42mm stainless steel case, a black dial with a matte black unidirectional rotating ceramic watch ring. In the film, the new state girl Benanis Marlo, she plays Severine wearing a mother-of-pearl dial with a stainless steel case and bracelet fake omega watches disc flying elegant watch.
    The fake omega watch Seahorse Series Ocean Universe 600m Co-Axial Observatory is equipped with a helium exhaust valve, which has the outstanding professional diving performance. The stainless steel bracelet is fitted with a diving buckle. The length of the bracelet can be adjusted freely and can be worn outside the diving suit. 007’s costume design director and Oscar winner of the best costume design award Lindy Heming believes that Bond is a naval officer and an international gentleman with a thoughtful and elegant taste. The best choice.

  • Omega Women’s Watch Replica – Surprise Is Unexpected

    Amazing maze, dreamy fairy tale world, Omega dish flying series ladies watch release conference is staging, surprises.

    In Berlin, dreamlike lighting and musical effects create a mysterious space for industrial scenes. The ingenious maze design is like being in a dreamy fairy tale world. Each room in the maze has a beautiful decoration that takes guests to the dazzling new collection of the great discs.

    At the event, Omega Women’s Watch Replica Global President and CEO An Shiwen teamed up with celebrity ambassador Kaya Gebo to unveil the extraordinary charm of the new disc fly series ladies watch. For this young Omega celebrity ambassador, An Shiwen has no regrets or expectations for her.

    As the leader of the new generation of girls, Kayya’s optimism and maturity are amazing. She is the perfect choice for the new ladies’ watch. The selection of Kaya also represents the tastes and preferences of contemporary girls. While pursuing vintage fashion, we will not forget the comfort and simplicity.

    Kaya Gerber is also very proud to be a candidate for the new disco-series ladies’ watch.

    “Like many young girls of the same age, I like the retro style very much. The design of Omega’s new watch is classic retro and modern. As a model, I need to wear a lot of exquisite clothes at work. In life, I am more. I prefer jeans and casual shoes. The disc name series ladies watch very suitably for these items, so I like it very much.”

    The case is slim and chic, available in 39 mm and 36 mm sizes. The sparkling diamonds on the sides of the watch case show a fascinating curve.

    The flower pattern on the crown is made up of overlapping Omega Replica Watches brand logos, and the flower set with diamonds, which are exquisite and unique. The classic Roman hour markers are printed on the dial to give the watch an elegant look. The “HerTime” floral pattern on the back of the watch’s mirror is unique.

    A total of 12 new disc-fighting series ladies’ watches exhibited at the event, including three jewelry watches. The three watch cases are 36 mm, and the dials made of red garnet, white mother-of-pearl, and blue lapis lazuli — two of the claims made of Omega white Canopus 18K gold. The distinctive materials make the watch dazzling. Eye-catching.

    Omega first named the watch in 1949 using the “Trésor”. Today, Trésor is once again given a new design to interpret its new vitality in a magnificent feast.

  • Mark Whalberg’s Omega Replica Watches in The Gambler

    Being a WIS (Watch Idiot Savant) means that everywhere you go, the first thing you recognize is the Omega Replica Ladymatic Watches someone is wearing. Let that be the doctor, the cashier, teacher, banker, people on TV or even your new colleague. I remember a few years ago when I was deeply into the various watch communities, every once in a while there was a thread from a forum member who spotted a watch in a movie or TV show. There is even a cool website dedicated to watches in movies, titled, well what else; watches in movies.

    Our readers might remember that not too long ago, I already did a write-up on the nice Speedy that Colin Firth’s character wore in the movie “Before I Go to Sleep”. Well, we did not have to wait too long for the next watch and reference. Again it is an Omega and it does appears in one of the funniest scenes of this movie called “The Gambler”. The main character, played by Mark Whalberg, even explicitly mentions the cheap Omega Replica Seamaster Watches in this scene. He says: “It’s an Omega, it’s worth more than 6 thousand brand new”.

    Now, it is not exactly clear what reference it is and as far as I remember there are no other scenes where the watch is visible. But judging by the screen captures it is a black dial chronograph with white hands on stainless steel bracelet, it seems we have another Speedmaster sighting. I am torn between the Speedmaster Pro and the Speedmaster Co-Axial 44.25mm. The watch appears to be rather large and has a black bezel but the bracelet has no middle shiny parts which does not correspond to any of Omega’s current Speedmaster collection. Only the re-edition of the Mark II has a bracelet without shiny parts though. Of course, the movie was shot in 2014 so it could have been a different model or even a put-together. Go watch the movie, have a look at the Replica Omega Speedmaster watch and share your thoughts below in the comments section.

  • Omega replica announces new certification for watches

    The new certification, known as the Master Co-Axial Certification will be applied to nice Omega replica watches produced by Omega by mid-2015.

    Historically, the COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres) is the de facto standard certification for watches. This certification involves very specific measurements, particularly timing of the rate of the movements.

    One of the criticisms of COSC has been that the tests done seeks to bear absolutely no relation to a simulation of Replica Omega Seamaster watch behaviour and performance when worn. And as a result of this aim, the movements are not cased while being subject to the battery of tests. Another criticism, is that the parameters are easily met by almost all modern, well designed and manufactured movements.

    Replica Omega announces new certification for watches

    Many other bodies have attempted to improve on the certification process. One of the most rigorous that we know of is the one done by the Qualité Fleurier certification. And yet others are the Bulletin d’Observertoire offered by various labs in France, Germany, England and Switzerland.

    It is with interest that the Omega has now announced a new certification. To be known as the Master Co-Axial Certification, it is a collaborative project between the Swatch Group’s Replica Omega and Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS). The press release goes on to describe the conference.

    As of now,  it is still unclear what the details of this new testing standard involves. We understand, the certification will test watches, now cased and not just movements. And the watches will be exposed to 15,000 Gauss of magnetism before the tests are performed. Amongst the stated improvements include a more vigorous timing requirement of 0 to +5s a day, autonomy tests against stated autonomy and water resistance tests will also be part of the standard.

    Is this just another attempt by a company to elevate itself into a class of one? This is not uncommon in the wine industry, the cheese industry. The use these terrior classifications quite normal as a definition of quality. For example, the designation “Champagne” can only be applied to sparkling wines made in the Champagne Region in France.

    Some keen industry observers have remarked that we have also seen this restrictive, terrior style classification in the Patek Philippe Seal. Is Omega attempting the same? Or is it a genuine attempt by Omega, and its parent the Swatch Group, one of the industry’s largest, to push forward with a new standard of testing discount Omega replica watches and ultimately update or replace COSC. We await to see.

  • OMEGA Replica Speedmaster “Dark Side of the Moon” wins Revival Watch Prize at the GPHG

    The OMEGA Replica Speedmaster “Dark Side of the Moon” chronograph was awarded the Revival Watch Prize at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève 2014 at a ceremony at the Grand Théâtre de Genève on October 31st.

    The Revival Watch Prize is, according the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG), presented to the best watch presented in any of the competing categories to feature a contemporary re-edition or reinterpretation of an iconic historical model. Accepting the prize in Geneva was OMEGA Replica Classic‘s president Stephen Urquhart who said, “It is particularly gratifying to accept this incredible recognition for the ‘Dark Side of the Moon’. It honours the OMEGA Speedmaster Professional, of course, but with its blend of ceramic materials and Co-Axial calibre, it has also beautifully introduced the chronograph to a whole new generation.”

    The OMEGA “Dark Side of the Moon” is a striking reinterpretation of the iconic Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch”. It is distinguished by a black ceramic case and dial and is powered by the OMEGA Co-Axial caliber 9300, the first of OMEGA Replica Constellation‘s in-house Co-Axial mechanical movements to incorporate a chronograph function. The watch has two sub-dials instead of the three associated with its famous ancestor. The 12-hour and 60-minute counter hands are placed on the same sub-dial at 3 o’clock allowing for an intuitive reading of the recorded time.

    The name of the Speedmaster “Dark Side of the Moon” honours the Apollo 8 astronauts, who in 1968 were the first people to see the far side of the moon with their own eyes. Notably, each was wearing an OMEGA Speedmaster Professional.

  • Orange Omega Seamaster Replica Watches With Platinum Cases

    Winter can be said a good season to eat the orange. Do you like this kind of fresh color? Just like orange, orange things can bring us energy and power in the busy work or boring life. Here we bring you orange fake watches with self-winding movements. They must make you amazing at the first sight.

    The orange watches are Omega Seamaster replica watches with white dials which are not like the original styles. Such bold color collation surprises us successfully. It is said that the orange ceramic bezels are firstly developed by Omega in the watch industry.

    No wonder that the Omega copy watches with orange leather straps must be limited. They only have 8 numbers due to the hard watchmaking and complex craft. So they are more worth collecting. The “World Premiere” is carved at the back of watch to present the unique meaning of extraordinary timepieces.

    NOTE: No reproduction or republication without written permission

  • Classical Masterpieces- Black Dials Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches

    The party scene is like a vast expanse of the universe. There are three kinds of watches-38mm Omega Speedmaster watches, Speedmaster racing chronograph watches and 38.6mm limited 60 Anniversary watches. The Omega copy watches with self-winding movements are quite attractive. Among them, there are new, retro which represents evolving vitality.

    Before we have referred to 38mm Omega Speedmaster series watches. So today we will focus on best Omega Speedmaster racing replica watches for you. The watches are designed to pay a tribute to the historical origin of Speedmaster series and racing game. Also the movements have been through the certificatin of METAS which has arrived the excellent principle of accuracy, performance and antimagnetic.

    For 60th anniversary of Speedmaster watches, Omega and the world’s Speedmaster fans come to commemorate this important moment. With an excellent review of history, at the same time the fake watches with black crocodile straps also continued innovation concept.